Guide for Beginner to Learn Digital Marketing Free of Cost

by Pankaj Pandey . 26 Comments

Digital marketing is considered as one of the best occupation today. Many aspiring students wants to make their career in digital marketing and people change their profession to become a digital marketer, I am one of them. This happens because a digital marketer earns handsome amount of money for his creativity. If you are love working on the internet, trust me this is one of the best jobs.
Learn Digital Marketing
For a beginner, it is very difficult to decide to go for an online course or offline. Also, they charge you lot of money. Let me make it clear for you, until and unless you don’t know how to learn digital marketing, classes or tutor can’t teach you. Because this is what you can do by implementation not just by studying.
Here in this blog, I will guide you to learn digital marketing with the free resources. Guidance from a digital marketer is very important but if you learn through the resources provided on this blog, your basics will get stronger and you will become ready to go for next level.
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8 Most Important Plugins Essential in a WordPress Website

by Pankaj Pandey . 28 Comments

Ever wondered how other website looks so professional and well designed? If yes! then let me tell you, there is nothing to worry about it because WordPress gives you the liberty to design your own website professionally. Knowledge of software coding is not at all required because WordPress provides you almost all facility to design your website.
8 Important WordPress Plugins As WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on MySQL and PHP. So anyone can make an edit to design the website accordingly. Various free and paid themes are available in WordPress according to the category of a website. After selection of a theme, you can build your content and also design the website.
Apart from the designing part, a website also requires the basic functions to run non-stop on the internet.
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Top 5 Social Media Trends Gaining Priority in 2017

by Pankaj Pandey . 12 Comments

As we know social media sites bought all possible comfort to an individual on one single platform i.e., through the internet where brand and customers meet at one place. At one single touch, we can connect to various brands and to their promoted offers. Who is helping us getting this comforts? It is all done by the genius, who works hard to get their creativity on a digital platform and explore it socially.
Social Media Trends
In today’s world, we use Social Media for making friends, chatting with them, video calling, sharing – moments, data, pictures, videos, files, etc. Also, a place where millions of people show creativity, earn money and become famous. Even a big brand promote their products on Social Media sites because it has specified audience.
Every coin has two sides, same goes with social media sites. Misuse of social media sites is very common these days. Big social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp have started taking actions by running a different algorithm to stop any wrong side happening on the site.
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My First Blog on Digital Marketing to be Posted

by Pankaj Pandey . 2 Comments

Have patience, my first blog will get posted very soon. Only videos will be posted to explain basic concepts of digital marketing and then all blogs with the best content, videos and images will be published to explain advanced parts. Visual understanding of the concept is better than just content writing. Videos with practical examples help us understand concepts and it gains our interest.
Digital Marketing
Blogs here will acknowledge newly launched advanced features of digital marketing. No doubt, it will start from basic and take you to an advanced level of particular concept. However, methods used to promote blogs on will also be promoted in video format through blogs, as well as you can find in the video section.
Blogs here will be published step by step in a proper manner without creating any confusion to readers. It will become easy for everyone to search on the basis of categories, types of marketing, a basic and advance level of concept, etc.
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