How to Add Link to Instagram Stories and Drive Traffic to Your Website

All the time Facebook, Instagram and Twitter release something new on their app or website. However, first access is provided to users who have verified accounts or are celebrities. Still, so many access are not provided to ordinary accounts or profiles. Like Facebook released editing of live video, mention apps, etc. only for the verified accounts.

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Now, if you are thinking to get your social media account verified. Let me tell you, they will not verify it simply looking at your documents. In order to get verified tick you need to be a public figure. However, Facebook has stopped giving bluetick on its page. If it is a non-profit organization they will offer white tick only.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites have some sort of the same story. It’s better to convert your normal account to business account. Nowadays business accounts are also getting prioritized. Let me tell you how?

Like many marketing features, recently Instagram has rolled out clickable links in stories. To add link in Instagram stories was first released for the verified accounts only. However, Instagram planned to expand this features to more marketers on the platform. Clickable stories links are available for Business Profiles (not Personal Profiles) that have over 10,000 followers.

Trust me it’s very easy to add URL to your Instagram Stories. I want you to just follow the steps:

1. Way to start your Instagram Stories.

Take an image or video directly within the Instagram Stories app or swipe up on the Story screen to import any image taken within the last 24 hours.

2. Adding a link to your image or video.

Now, once you have uploaded the image or video, you will find several options available for editing image and video. Now, to add your link, click on the chain link icon at the top of your story.

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Now, a new window will appear on your app. This window will allow you to input the link of your choice. This link can take your audience to the product page, purchase page, blog post or lead to information available on the website. Type in the complete URL address and tap on the green checkmark (on Android) or “Done” (on iOS) to save the link.

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Once you’ve successfully linked URL to your Instagram story, you will find the chain link icon highlighted to show that you have linked URL.

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3. Continue editing story:

You can also use other options available like text, stickers and filters to your story. This will guide your audience more appropriately. I would also highly recommend using a call to action button which will direct the user to access the links. Common CTAs include “Swipe up to see more” or “Tap ‘See More’ to visit our website.”

If ‘See More’ option is not clearly visible to viewers they might skip this part and move to another story. So it is better to indicate a sign through a call to action (CTA). In fact, some new user to Instagram might not even now about such features. So, if you market to gain the interest of your audience this is the key to success.

4. Effective Marketing Strategy:

As Instagram has started this feature many of the marketers will be excited to use it and will be posting a lot of links to the story. However, this is not the way it should be. If you are posting 3 to 4 images use only one URL for them. If you are using 5 to 8 images use maximum 2 URL. Your image should engage viewers and direct them to the meaningful URL. The image and URL should indicate the same purpose.

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And remember, not every story collection needs to include a link. As a marketer, you must ensure that the link you provide adds value and context to your story in a way that benefits the viewer.

I recommend you using URL shortener such as or to create a shortened URL you can track metrics with. As Instagram Story analytics do not currently track URL clicks, so to measure your traffic and conversions, you’ll want to use a link that you can track separately.

5. Drive Traffic to your website:

The images or videos that you post should contain some offers, discounts, compliments, etc. to drive attention of viewers. Make them know what you want them to do on your website. This will definitely help you engaging viewers.

If you want to show some new blog post on your website then use attractive topic. Tease your viewers the way they like to gain their attention on your images or video. This strategy will definitely help you drive traffic to your website.

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Conclusion: There doesn’t appear to be any geographic restrictions to clickable stories links, and as the feature gains in popularity and usage, we can hope Instagram will continue to roll this feature out to even more users. Read my other articles on this website and do not forget to type your suggestion in the comment below.

Pankaj Pandey

Pankaj Pandey is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Mumbai, India. A Content Writer and Blogger in disguise. He is an Engineer with more than 4 years of Professional work experience in Technology, Advertising, Marketing and Sales.

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Search Engine Titans

We have a business account with just over 1k followers & haven’t seen this feature yet. If it really does require 10k followers it could be years before we get this feature.


This is a great informative post, which I’ve shared in my travel group, thanks for a greta post..


Not sure which screenshot this is, but my instagram has no icon for a link. I got caught reading the article becausdvof linking my instagram which is known that it does not exist


Very informative and gives a point to aim for more followers on instagram. Thanks so much for your great post ??


This is so helpful! I had been hearing about this but had no idea how to do it. Thank you for making so clear and simple.

Anna Nuttall

Ji, i don’t seem to have the link feature on my insta story – even though i’m on a business account. I’m really confuse…

Raju Singh

Great work !!! The blog really​ help in understanding whole new social plateform for marketers to get traffic and action call via Instagram though this simple steps .