How to Start a Blogging Website and Earn from your Blogs

Blogging is a very great and tremendous part of expressing your knowledge, feelings and things happening around us in your own words. It’s actually very simple because blogging can be done in any languages you are comfortable with. What matters most in blogging is content and the way of expression.


The topic you want to blog about may not be the choice of others. However, there is the audience who will like your content and will motivate you to write more about it. This is the reason you will find blogs on each and every topic available on the internet. Earlier Print media took this opportunity and authors used to write their books. However, now the internet is a great platform to start your blogs.

Today in this post I am going to discuss how to start blogging on the internet using your own platform. and earn money.

1. Select a Topic:

Various topics are available today to start your blogs. It’s just that you need to select a topic that you can smartly write about. Blogging can be done on the topic like fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, education, psychology, politics, science, future, etc.

2. Research:

Even if you have selected a topic and you know this will rock on the internet. Then let me tell you, you need to do research on it. Today trend is changing on each and every topic and everyone wants to stay updated with the same. Research can let you know where your blogs can start with, in a great manner. Your audience would always like to hear something new from you on a regular basis.

With proper research on the recent culture of your topic may lead your audience to stay interested in your blogs. With no time you will recognise your audience grew automatically.

3. Make your own Blogging Website:

You can start blogging with many platforms available on the internet like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Social Media sites, etc. Publishing blogs on this platforms are quite easy. However, this is not what you own. But this is your house where you stay on rent. It’s better to be an owner of the house otherwise there can be consequences.

Hosting your own website today is very easy and simple.,, and many other platforms help you own your website. However, before going through this you need to know more about purchasing a domain and hosting of a website. My next blog will help you on this topic.

4. Benefits of your own Website:
  1.      a. Easy for your audience to find you.b. You can target your audience to become a consumer buying a product on the website.c. You can customise the website theme as per your choice and make it more attractive for your audience.d. You can publish blogs on multi-topic on a single website.e. It can act as your portfolio while applying for a job.

    f. You can start selling products.

    g. It will have the capacity to advertise you as a public figure.

    h. You might start receiving opportunities.

    i. Understand digital marketing in depth.

5. Earning money:

Money is the factor involved at every place. It will demotivate you if only blogs are published and you are unable to earn money from the website. This might also lead to shutting down your website which will be against your dream.

Once you start blogging on your website it takes time for you to get the targetted audience. Be patient at that time, because your customer might not have trust in you till now. Publish more posts on your website and keep getting the traffic. This will help you in revenue generation.

On your blogging website, you can sell you products, do affiliate marketing and run Ads from Google. Also, refer my blog about affiliate marketing for a proper understanding. This will help you earning money on regular basis. For your motivation, there are people who earn more than lakh in a month from their website.

Conclusion: Starting your own blogging website will benefit you more than what I cannot explain in one blog post. It is you who needs to start doing not thinking. Once you start doing you will keep growing, keep learning. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, so leave a comment with your feedback, suggestion or queries. Stay tuned for my other blogs by subscribing.


Pankaj Pandey

Pankaj Pandey is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Mumbai, India. A Content Writer and Blogger in disguise. He is an Engineer with more than 4 years of Professional work experience in Technology, Advertising, Marketing and Sales.

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