Top 5 Social Media Trends Gaining Priority in 2017

As we know social media sites bought all possible comfort to an individual on one single platform i.e., through the internet where brand and customers meet at one place. At one single touch, we can connect to various brands and to their promoted offers. Who is helping us getting this comforts? It is all done by the genius, who works hard to get their creativity on a digital platform and explore it socially.

Social Media Trends

In today’s world, we use Social Media for making friends, chatting with them, video calling, sharing – moments, data, pictures, videos, files, etc. Also, a place where millions of people show creativity, earn money and become famous. Even a big brand promote their products on Social Media sites because it has specified audience.

Every coin has two sides, same goes with social media sites. Misuse of social media sites is very common these days. Big social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp have started taking actions by running a different algorithm to stop any wrong side happening on the site.

Some social media trends will dominate 2017 for a huge change. Major of this trends are:

1. Messaging Apps:

Messaging apps have a much wider community of users than social networks. If compared with social media sites, social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WeChat together have more users than the big networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. This preference comes due to the interactive facility provided by the social networking. Facilities like SMS, audio calling, video calling and data sharing, etc. help to make conversation easy and cheaper.

Businesses are also taking advantage of the Messaging apps. For example, if you click an Ad running on Facebook, it will divert you to the chat or messaging section and let you interact with their representative. Business has realized the importance of social messaging compared to social networking. This part helps them building trust with their customers and a convenient way to get feedback.

2. Fake NEWS restriction on Social Media:

Millennials are turning towards the internet as main news source. Social media should take a step against the rise in “fake news”. Some social media sites are losing visitors/users along with the global ranking as they didn’t put proper parameters on the sites. Facebook is already running an algorithm to restrict an influence over the fake news to the user. Some countries are also making different regulations for the Social Media sites letting fake news proliferate.

Fake news is responsible for spoiling the name of a brand and its value in public. It is very easy to track activities of a user on social media, this also gives an easy method to stop these irrelevant things going ahead.

3. Sales and Customer Service getting more social:

For businesses, social media purely works as a marketing tool and does not gives effective results. Later they realized, having a direct conversation with customers might help them. Research says consumers learn about products on Pinterest and Instagram. They’re sold on Facebook & Twitter. Customer service can be given on Facebook Messenger.

This trends towards “conversational commerce” stands to accelerate in 2017 with rapid deployment of chatbots. You can read more about what is chatbots as it is described briefly here. In short, it is a conversational interface via auditory or textual methods. This helps business to have interaction with consumers and maintain suspect and prospect list.

4. Lack of Social Media Skill:

Companies promote their products on social media sites to create brand awareness and also to generate sales. But, many employees in same companies have no idea how the product gets promoted through digital and social media platform. This happens because training and resources for frontline employees have been largely ignored. According to Forbes, research from management consulting firm Capgemini Consulting says nine out of 10 companies report their workers don’t have the requisite skills to leverage social media as a business tool.

Each day in social media new concepts takes place, it will definitely widen the gap for the employees to get updated with social media. Some well-known social media sites may come to an end in 2017. On the other hand, there are social media sites which are not known yet but might come up with very new features in the market and capture the attention of the audiences. In order to fulfill this gap quicker, online resources can help.

5. Updates in Social Media Apps:

Social Media always brings something exciting for its users. Recently, Instagram and WhatsApp updated their app. WhatsApp re(launch) its ‘status updates’ settings which are in compared with Snapchat. Instagram updating its application by adding a feature to upload several picture and videos in one go rather than telling a complete story with one. This is in the organic form not in the ad format.

Such new updates in Social Media App plays major role because it keeps the user engaged and restricts them to migrate to another Apps. Also, majority of users visit social media through the mobile application and very less through other devices. Businesses have realized this importance of social media mobile application. This helps them to promote any brand or product selecting target audience.

Conclusion: Social Media Trends in 2017 will have a great impact on businesses. I suggest focusing on above-mentioned social media trends and upcoming social media trends. Businesses will have a tough time to understand today’s market. However, an expert or specialist might help them by understanding trends and best tricks to promote brand or product on social media sites.

This is my first blog published on with a short description of social media trends in 2017. If you have any queries related to above article you are welcome to ask in below comments. If you find anything missed in this article you may let me know in the comments below.


Pankaj Pandey

Pankaj Pandey is a Digital Marketing Consultant from Mumbai, India. A Content Writer and Blogger in disguise. He is an Engineer with more than 4 years of Professional work experience in Technology, Advertising, Marketing and Sales.

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very informative blog… add points regarding knowing their customer, marketers should create their content to achieve a personalized approach

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These are all really great points! I really wish there was more ways we could stop fake news. It’s so frustrating.


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That’s right, the Fake news must be curbed off the net agree with you about it. Well Informative post. Thanks for sharing!

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