Hey, reader! You have a story to tell and you know what? We know it.

Why to keep a story in your mind, heart or in a personal diary. Oh man! the world is changing, explore yourself out here and I will tell your story to the world.

It might help someone to gain confidence,
realize that he might not be the only person with such situation,
spread love, care, motivate others with your story,
praise an expert or a person with golden heart,
write about something that you like most.

It’s one common platform where you will find # WeOwnAStory.

Why # WeOwnAStory?

1. An idea in my mind to combine everyone’s at one single platform is ‘We’.
2. What is truly ours is what we ‘Own’.
3. You have at least one story, which you want the world to know is ‘AStory’.

Write your story today!

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